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ArteAldea is a non-profit association that also houses several other projects related to the villages.

It's been some time since we've been working hard to innovate, to be thrifty and careful with the expenses. We are delivering our mission and let others splurge.

If everyone who read this donated €5, we would only have to raise funds one month a year. But some people can't or won't. And that's ok with us. Every year enough people decide to donate and support our endeavor.


This year, please consider donating €5, €20, €50 or anything you can contribute to protect and help ArteAldea to continue providing a different experience.


Thank you.

Call us and we'll find the best way for you to give your support.

Phone: 670766038

Where do your donations go to?

Villages: We've got several plans and projects that need your backup to turn into a reality and promote sustainable development for the villages.


Structure: Every year we must build a structure that can hold those who visit us, and for doing this we need to build, maintain and renew structures and logístic elements.

Artists and collaborators: over 50 artists and 20 collaborators participate willingly in our festival. It's our duty and pleasure to give them housing and the material that allows us to take care of them.


Technology: We need servers, bandwidth, maintain and renew technical equipment and hardware. Even thou we work under the very minimum that other festivals contemplate, this does have a cost.

Personal: Although we are a small team and we count with collaborators and volunteers, your donation represents a great investment in an efficient non-profit association like ours.

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