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Luis Alberto García Tejedor



Born in Bilbao I begin my first artistic activities around painting and ceramics, making various exhibitions in rooms and premises in Vizcaya, I also combine it with several representations in the world of theater and lyric, I also became part of the Choral Society of Bilbao.

Cristina Maniglia Perasso  



Scene Director, Lighting Designer and Decorator, as well as Singer, Dancer and Actress, with a long career in theater and opera, with extensive artistic and technical training. From a very young age she learned piano, singing, ballet and dramatic art. She studied at the Madrid School of Opera Singing in the first years of its foundation, which was directed by Doña Lola Rodríguez de Aragón.


She also became part of the founding group of the Performing Arts and Popular Tradition Cultural Event “ARTEALDEA” in Piñeiro de Areas, Pontevedra Province. This festival created and directed by Luis Alberto García Tejedor has had over thirteen editions and takes place every year in the first fortnight of August generating a great movement of both Spanish and international artists in addition to activating the intervention of Galician artists and local groups.

Team ArteAldea

Those that make it possible

Our Association was born in 2007 motivated by the recovery of the Popular Customs and Traditions of our Villages, from now on our purpose will be to bring them closer and empower them to make them known to the Future Generations through our cultural events and activities.

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